Children need exposure to values in order to form good habits and attitudes. If left to the stressed environment, children develop unacceptable attitudes which result negatively with the child’s motivation to behave. It can isolate a child from relating to others and affects the child self-worth. Values are essential’s for healthy development and growth.

This can be taken by the principal of all the classes once a week. It is a platform to inculcate values through stories, role plays, sharing method and learning from experiences and through problem solving techniques.


Some of the values can be:

  • Obedience: The first essential value that is passed on to the child is obedience. Children need to understand that there are limits to acceptable behaviour and that the world is governed by rules that all people have to obey. We show them the importance of obedience not only through discipline but also by obeying rules and taking advantage of every available opportunity to show children why obedience is important.



  • Habits and Attitudes: It is important that children develop the right habits and attitudes at this age. For eg, washing hands, brushing teeth twice a day, putting things back from where it was taken, using courteous words by saying “please,” “sorry”, “thank you” etc. The facilitator makes children realize the importance of each of these in their life through ancedotes or stories.



  • Confidence: Another value that all children should acquire is confidence. A child that receives proper encouragement will have self-esteem and be less afraid to speak and volunteer in school and in other activities. The facilitator allows the child to do simple tasks independently and gently congratulate them when they figure out solutions.



  • Patience: Children also need to learn patience. A child that learns early on in life to wait for certain things without throwing tantrums and becoming upset will be able to adjust to changes easily and handle disappointments in a better way.



  • Generosity: Generosity is another key value for every child to develop. Children learn that generosity is essential for proper functioning of our society and that people should share and help others. Educators should encourage them to share and help their peers and others often.

Values with morality