Best LKG school in Jaipur


Sprouts international school is the Best LKG school in Jaipur it’s usually the very first step in your child’s educational journey. It is also known as early childhood development or preschool. LKG schooling provides a chance to teach children basic skills such as language and number during a period.

Best LKG school in Jaipur

d in their life that they can easily remember and learn from. Children enter LKG at 18 months of age and go through it until they are four years old, before moving on to preschool. At LKG, children are taught basic subjects such as colors, shapes and numbers. They are taught to be physically active, so they can sit still for a longer period of time. They also learn about common healthy living habits and how to walk at a younger age in our SIS the best LKG school in Jaipur than other preschools.  

LKG schooling is divided into two phases: Early Phase (Pre-School) and Late Phase (Class 5). During the early phase students are taught at nursery schools along with the day-to-day kindergarten curriculum. During this phase in SIS the best LKG school in Jaipur children are introduced to new things like colors, shapes and numbers while having fun games, songs and plays. The process of teaching begins from their very first day in LKG.

Classroom Materials

> Starter Kit for every child – Tambourine, Cultured Scarves, Mystery Bag, Plastic Plate, Child-safe scissors, Messy Mat, Apron, Acacia Powder, Glue Dots, Newsprint paper, Crayons, Plastic Plate and String, Self-adhesive wall hooks & Clothes pins for phonics time.

> Sand Tray for Tracing and Writing – 3 for each classroom 

> Weather Chart for Circle Time – 1 for the class

> Calendar for Circle Time – 1 for the class

> Emotion Cards for Circle Time – 1 for the class

> Flash Cards for Phonics (Letters and Images)

(SIS) Best LKG school in Jaipur for the Child

Weekly Take Home Materials

➢ EVS, Math’s and English – 1 take home material each per week

➢ Story Book – 1 take home material each per week

➢ Take Home Books for the Term

➢ Pre-Writing – 1 book per term

➢ Pre-Math & Reasoning – 1 book per term

➢ Letter Tracing – 1 book per term

➢ Coloring Book – 1 book per term

➢ Rhymes – 1 book per term

4 Art & Craft take home material per child every term One Group Activity for
the classroom every week