Best nursery school in Jaipur

Sprouts International School is the best nursery school in Jaipur which prepare children with a strong foundation for life. Daycare and Play Schools deliver the high Scope Curriculum that empowers and enables children to develop comprehensively, including Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Social Development. The curriculum is designed to sharpen their language skills in writing, reading, speaking as well as thinking in a safe, secure and fun environment.

The typical age for nursery school is between 2.5 years and 3.5 years of age. This is the ideal age for a child to explore new boundaries and spaces and spend a little time away from home and familiar surroundings. Children of this age are often able to eat on their own and communicate with a few words or sentences.

what do you do at a nursery class?

Best nursery school in Jaipur

  • Plan and supervise activities like arts and crafts, music and cooking.
  • help children to learn numeracy and language skills through games.
  • take part in singing, role play and story telling.
  • take children on outings.
  • feed and change babies.
  • observe children and make notes to write reports.

How to Make Study Time Engaging for Students: Few Tips

Making small kids study can be really hard. Small kids can’t concentrate on a single thing for long, and they are always more interested in playing rather than studying. However, education holds a very important position in every student’s life; therefore, you should try to make them understand the importance of it from childhood. Check out the

best nursery school in Jaipur

:- tips to encourage students to study from SIS.

Don’t scold them and force them to study. Try to present studying as an interesting activity, so they feel inclined towards it.

Use charts and images. Small kids always get attracted to bright, colorful pictures. To teach them alphabets and words related to them, you can use charts and images. Ask them to point at objects when you name them. This way, they will feel interested in learning new things.

Don’t force them for grades. Your focus should more be on making them learn new things. When you make education more result oriented, kids, feel reluctant to study.

Nursery kids have a lot of questions. They are very curious at this age and want to know the reason behind everything. Don’t get irritated with their questions. Be as patient as you can answer whatever they are asking. Our SIS, best nursery school in Jaipur will further encourage them to know about more things and study more.

Introduce some extra activities for them. Apart from studies, you should let them engage in some extra co-curricular activities like drawing, singing, dancing, or playing any games. best nursery school in Jaipur ( SIS) will help with their all-around development.

Classroom Materials

  • Starter Kit for every child – Play Dough, Crayons, Messy Mat, Apron, Play Brooms, Acacia
    Powder, Glue Dots, and Plastic Plate.

  • Texture Mats – 1 for each classroom to enable tactile skills
  • Spin Wheel – 1 for the class to revise theme-based concepts
  • Hand Puppets – 1 set of Benji and Flinto for the teacher and child to bring stories lively
  • Alphabet Stencils – 1 set for the class to help trace the first letter of every child’s name on the Journal
  • and for making welcome banners for the class/school.


                                           For the Child

Take-home Books/Materials for the Month

  • 1 Theme-based Journal
  • 2 Story Books every month
  • 30+ take home materials every month
  • 4 Rhymes every month
  • 3 Group Activities for the classroom every month
  • 10 Art & Craft take-home materials every month