Best Play School in Jaipur 

Sprouts international school is the best play school in Jaipur. It provides children with the opportunity to experience life outside of their families’ sphere of influence. A lot of parents leave their kids at playschools for various reasons. Irrespective of what the reason is, good playschools are indeed advantageous for the children’s growth. The kind of activities that playschools will have planned up for children, SIS will give an overall development for the child. A combination of physical and mental activities packed with social activities should be there in best play school in Jaipur.

What is the importance of playschools for children?

Playschool will help children develop social and emotional intelligence

Children can group to be either extrovert or introverts or ambiverts. It all depends on their upbringing. But none of their personal idiosyncrasies should affect their career and personal lives in the future. If social stigmas are broke right from a very tender age, then children won’t be hesitant to talk to people and mingle with them or have any kind of stage fear.

Best Play School in Jaipur

As kids grow, they make a lot of relationships, friendship and develop bonds with a different mindset of people outside their families. These should in no way affect a child’s future or physical and mental health. And hence, emotional intelligence plays a key role in a child’s development.

Alphabets and number are learnt at playschools first

Do you dream of your kid getting into top universities in the world and making a bright future ahead?
Well, best play school in Jaipur is start. Today’s playschools are far more advanced than the ones that existed a few years back. Playschools are not just for time passing anymore.

Right from a tender age, playschools start teaching kids alphabets and numbers to keep them ahead of the curve. Various creative and innovative techniques are used by playschools to teach children, such as storytelling, Lego building, block building, group activities, singing or dancing. These activities are both fun and useful for the development of children.

Playschool gives children care and individual attention

The student to teacher ratio in playschools is usually less when compared to normal schools. This means a kid in a playschool gets more attention and care. This is one of the most important benefits of a best play school in Jaipur.

The atmosphere available at playschool is not available at home

Infrastructure in playschools is made colorful and attractive. Pictures of Disney characters, birds and animals are painted on walls of the school building as well as classrooms. All the ambience, digital infrastructure and the kind of furnishings in a playschool are very children friendly. You won’t find all that in our households. It just doesn’t make sense to create a playschool in a house.

And the most important of all are other kids at the school. Because at the end of the day, any swimming pool, play area, library and cartoon will become boring and monotonous for kids with them having their friend to play with. This type of atmosphere is nearly impossible to build at homes.

Trained and experienced teachers are available at playschools

Teaching toddlers is very different from teaching other children. Teachers have to be more focused and should have lots of patience. Faculty in playschools are specially trained for dealing with children of this age group. They try to understand the mindset of kids and explain things in a friendly manner. This is one of the main benefits of best play school in Jaipur.

Every day is filled with various fun based developmental activities. Children start the day with outdoor free play which gives them time to interact and share their learning and observations. This is followed by an Assembly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Each day is divided into two time slots wherein the educator may plan activities as per her judgement without any time confinement, as the children of this age have different attention span for different activities:

1. Fortnights

2. School Timings

3. Uniform/Bags

4. Outdoor-Free Play

5. Assembly

6. Circle Time

7. Lunch Time

8. Gross Motor Skills

9. Language


10. Pre-Math and Math

11. Maria Montessori Hour

12. Fine Motor skills

13. Practical Life skills

14. Science and Geography

15. Wooden Block games

16. Dance

17. Rhymes & Songs

18. Movies/videos

19. Movies/videos

20. Art/ craft

21. Story Telling

22. Value Education

23. Clay work

24. The mixed Group Day

25. Curriculum Guide

26. Curriculum Essentials

27. First week in Pre-school