Vision :-  Nurturing children into global and responsible citizens also helping teachers to develop into capable and professional educators. It has always been our dream to work with children so we always try to find time to visit them in school. We would like you to visit our sprouts family and we look forward to seeing you and your children at our school . Our aim is to enable our students to be truly independent critical and thinkers and to think innovative / creative ideas along with building relationships  

 Sprouts vision :- vision of sprouts is to impart education to the future of the Society / World. We are wishing to see our kids as “Children of India and Citizens of the World”. Sprouts To be the most student centered school working to inspire, empower and nurture our learners so that they become strong and successful individuals. We lead children towards Social values, Spiritual, emotional  , moral, intellectual, social development and  individual well being.

 Familiarization with Sprouts- 

   Sprouts means 

S:-safe and collaborative learning community

P:- pursuing enlightenment and creativity

R:- relationship building with ourselves and 

O:- outstanding teaching and commitment to the results

U:- understanding the need of inner well being

T:-Training the trainers



Our Unique curriculum designs to help your child learn and help problem solving skills, our curriculum for all the classes is full of learning activities for our kiddos. We have a unique activity kit which helps the child to explore themselves.

We work on building relationships traits in a child with himself and with others, developing values, virtues and how to walk with gratitude and inculcating it in life.