What Distinguishes Us from others?

A question often arises in people’s minds what makes a good school?
Following are the characteristics that high-performing schools have:
School is the second home of the young minds where they spend a few hours daily with their fellow mates and learn under the guidance of a teacher. Every parent dreams that their children have access to the best quality education for their personal growth and professional wealth. Only a good school can provide quality education to shape children's minds and improve their skills and expertise for a bright future. Sprouts International School is one of the Best schools and exhibits all the qualities of a good school that makes education excellent for its students.


We usually Implement student-centered discussions that are fairly easy to do—we create thought-provoking questions that dive deep into the content. We Create Create an Engaged and Positive Classroom Culture. Topics that are important to kids are discussed, and that helps break down walls and build solidarity in the classroom. We Provide students with reading material that interests them and helps them to understand the joys of reading for pleasure and it improves their reading skills.

Age groups

There are different kind of age groups and Sprouts International School focus on the age and groom kids as per the requirement of that specific age groups. The mejor age groups in early age, are Toddlers (1-3 years), Preschoolers (3-5 years). Middle Childhood (5-8 years)

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Our Beliefs

We believe in nurturing our Sproutians by guiding and helping our students to develop their Moral, Aesthetic, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social (MAPIES) domains to the full so that they will become good and useful citizens. In other words,
Sprouts International School aims to:
(1) Develop character by anchoring our students in the R³ICH Values and equipping them with Social-Emotional (SE) Competencies*
(2) Build a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy skills as well as inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry and equip our students with the 21st Century Competencies for future education, employment, and citizenship Our motto "Children of India, Citizen of the World” will be our rallying call to achieve and realize our Vision, Mission and Core values. We hope to nurture our students in the MAPIES domains so that they glow to be good and useful citizens.

360 Degree Growth of Your Child


“Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment.” Children who are afraid of making mistakes typically think less creatively. In SIS we create an environment in which kids are creative, they make a mess and feel like it’s okay to make mistakes. Children are full of ideas. Ideas are a manifestation of creativity. We help Sproutians to be the most creative artists. This practice give birth to painters, sculptors, musicians and, sometimes, sports people in them. But these individuals when worked at their crafts become the masters.


High expectations and standards for every student
SIS always set standards of teaching and expects the great performance of the students by believing in their competence. The students are encouraged to work at or slightly above the instructions given by teachers.
A quality plan and policy
SIS has a clear and shared goal or vision which makes the performance of everyone within the school better to achieve the end goal and different from other poorly-performed schools. This helps in kids growth by using every possible opportunity. Its work can substantially and visibly improve the society in which the school lies. Only a good school can adapt to changes in the educational sector.
Clean and well-organized school premises that are conducive to learning
We maintain hygiene and have a comfortable setting for students to develop their skills and grasp knowledge
Extensive extracurricular activities
Sprouts Tied in with extensive academic and athletic offerings as these are the extracurricular activities. We offer a host of activities. Some will be fairly recent additions to the extracurricular activities roster. Others will be perennial favorites. Because the extracurricular activities are guided and supervised by a member of the faculty or staff, they function at a high level at the best.
Frequent monitoring of the teaching and learning process
We closely look into the progress of every student and ensure that their needs met by making required adjustments. Sproutians who require extra help receive it. Even the teacher performance is monitored regularly by the Principal and the executive school staff by taking feedback from the students.
Reliable support staff and well-organized service providers
We have a panel of supporting board members like doctors, guidance counselors, and psychologists so that the student’s needs are addressed within the school premises on time. Moreover, we have good state-of-the-art supplies such as a play area, swings, library books, other required type of equipments.
High levels of communication and collaboration
SIS always provides a platform wherein everyone will work with a teamwork mentality and good communication skills to solve any problems related to teaching or learning. The overall school performanc reach at great heights with teamwork and communication.We measure that it is seriously followed within the school. We hold frequent teacher and parent meetings to improve the communication between them so that they both can work together for achieving the optimal results for the child.